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After the attack on D6, Artyom becomes disillusioned with the constant infighting and corruption within the Metro and leaves the Spartan Order. He soon becomes obsessed with proving that other human survivors exist outside of Moscow and makes numerous dangerous expeditions to the surface, much to Anna's concern and Miller's frustration. However, on one such expedition with Anna, they witness a working train running on the surface. Before they can follow it, they are captured by Hansa soldiers along with a couple of people who claim to be from outside of Moscow. The Hansa soldiers execute the other prisoners and Artyom is shot and left for dead. Surviving the gunshot, Artyom follows the soldiers to their base to rescue Anna, and in the process inadvertently destroys a signal jammer that was blocking all communications going in and out of Moscow. Radio transmissions from all over the world begin to be picked up, and Artyom and Anna realise humanity has not gone extinct. They escape by stealing one of Hansa's trains with the aid of a defected Hansa train engineer called Yermak.



Author: jolupa Posted: 2022-05-22 02:05:10 Voted: 10

I love the game. I was jealous when it come out, I don't have a powerful computer to run the game and at that moment I only owned the WiiU...

Now that I can play the game, with the same computer, I can say this is a delicious game.

Amazing Story that you can take from different angles: going straight forward and destroy all the enemies, destroying everything; or going with all the silence you can in every incursion. No matter what you choose the game is amazing.

Also is been a long time where the stars of the game have so much appeal, the people of 4A Games did an amazing job with the characters.

All perfectly glued by the amazing music, perfect for every scene of the game.

The only problem I foun is every time I end my game session I have problems closing the game, nothing worrying cause the save is correct, but I have an alert message on screen.

A must have in your Stadia's library

Author: pswsm Posted: 2022-05-30 20:05:23 Voted: 10

It's a great game.

I love the story, the mechanics and pretty mich everything.

Sadly I finished with the bad end.

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 Sam's Story 2023-02-11 17.99
 The Two Colonels 2022-11-19 7.99



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