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Wave Break

Dev Funktronic Labs | Pub Funktronic Labs | Rel 23-06-2020 | Pri 24.99 € | Free for Pro
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About the game

Wave Break is an arcade-style skateboarding game, set in a crime-filled 1980s Miami Vice inspired world, built-from the ground up for online multiplayer. Choose from a variety of aquatic vehicles, and take to the waters as you grab, grind, and kickflip your boat across a series of exotic locations around the world. Score massive points with sick combos, play with friends online, or enjoy the single player campaign mode.


  • Pro SKATEBOATING Moves - Chain together sweet trick combos to boost your score, and fill up your special meter to perform special physics defying moves for massive points
  • Boat on Boat Violence - Shoot your opponents with a selection of firearms in aquatic vehicular combat, and build your special meter to go into bullet time for slow-motion precision shooting
  • Online and Local Multiplayer - Play on the couch with a friend in local split-screen, or play with other players online, with rank-based matchmaking and private matches
  • Competitive Game Modes - Compete for the highest score in Trick Attack, gun down your opponents in Death Match, and take over territory in Turf War
  • Single Player Story Campaign - Experience the rivalry firsthand between Mafia's Big Pin and Detective McHutchenson in a an episodic storyline involving guns, kickflips, and blood money
  • Fresh Synthwave Soundtrack - Vibe out to an evolving 80’s inspired soundtrack featuring brand new original music from an array of well known artists
  • Boat Loads of Customization - Stop by the Beach Boutique shop for the latest fashions to dress up your characters, visit Jimmy Jimbo to purchase different boats, accessories, and skins, and don't forget to hit the Gym to buff up your character's stats and attributes

Small Interview

Interview added: 18-06-2020

STDB!: Hi! and first of all, the typical question. Can you tell us something about Funktronic Labs?

Funktronik Labs: Funktronic Labs is a game studio located in Los Angeles, and we’ve been around since 2013. Our studio’s focus has always been to create juicy high-quality games, and what can be “juicier” than a game with water and boats!

STDB!: Now tell us something about Wave Break, where it comes from, what can we expect from the game?

Funktronik Labs: The concept for the design of ​ Wave Break ​ was the most natural to us compared to many of the games that we’ve produced. As a studio obsessed with technology, we were messing around with boats driving on real-time simulated water when our engineer Coty decided to try putting in some kickflips, that is when the game design started to come together. Furthermore, our studio folks are obsessed with classic arcade skating games like the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series. Wave Break itself is inspired by those classics, but with an innovative mix of old school cool and tons of innovative online features.

STDB!: Will the game have crossplay, to be easily to find players on the online battles?

Funktronik Labs: Cross-play is currently not available for Wave Break. Although we understand that cross-play might be technically feasible, is it fairly non-trivial for our small team to ensure full cross-play compatibility across console platforms.

STDB!: How is the developing for Stadia? What kind of support did you receive from Google?

Funktronik Labs: Developing for Stadia has been quite a smooth sailing, pun intended. From the API level, to the engineering and marketing support from Google, they’ve been great to work with.

STDB!: How did Wave Break become a 'First On Stadia' game? If you can tell us something.

Funktronik Labs: Being First on Stadia became the best choice for us to maintain our full creative freedom while completing the project to the vision we saw fit. We were also excited for the Stadia features they had planned; thus in the end, it was ultimately the best choice for our team.

STDB! Are you planning to bring more games to Stadia?

Funktronik Labs: No current plans yet, but we’ve had such a positive experience working with Google that it would be great to work with them on a future project.

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Game Reviews

StadiaHoy Review 

Date: 24-06-2020

Wave Break coge como referencia a los juegos clásicos de skate como los Tony Hawk y a Wave Race. Juntando estos dos títulos, los chicos de Funktronic nos traen una propuesta fresca que nos transportará al pasado. Si eres fan de los dos títulos arriba mencionados, este juego te va a encantar y sino, esta es una buena ocasión para iniciarte en el género.

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