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About the game

Trifox is a top-down twin stick action adventure game set in a unique and colorful world inspired by classic platform games. In Trifox you play as a multi talented fox on a quest to restore and return peace to his recently invaded and plundered home. Mix and match between three different and unique play styles, fight your way through swarms of enemies, engage in thrilling boss fights and overcome exciting environmental challenges as you discover that there is more to your quest than meets the eye…

The idea for Trifox grew out of our love for the classic platform games and the colorful worlds in which they take place, combined with the action packed and engaging gameplay that you can find in top-down twin stick shooters and action RPGs. We asked ourselves the question: "What if Crash Bandicoot was as a top-down twin-stick adenture game?". This idea truly captured our imagination and eventually evolved in to what has now become Trifox. Our goal with Trifox is to create a game that takes the best parts of those kind of games with a dash of our own flavor, presented in an easy to pick up and play package. The dark dungeons and sci-fi landscapes that are usually associated with top-down shooters and brawlers make place for a colorful and interactive world filled with wacky characters the likes you would find in a platform game from the 90's and early 2000's.


  • Mix and match between different gameplay archetypes and play the way YOU want
  • Combine and experiment with a wide range of abilities and engage in thrilling fast pased combat
  • Explore a rich and colorful world where fantasy meets technology with a wink and a nod to the classic platformer adventure games from the past -Interact with the environment and outsmart your enemies -Uncover the secret plans of an evil mastermind as you try to restore your ravaged home