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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Dev Ubisoft Paris | Pub Ubisoft | Rel 18-12-2019 | Pri 69.99 €
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About the game

Skell Technology starts coming under increased public scrutiny when they are faced with mounting evidence that its products are falling into the hands of corrupt regimes,[c] and the island is abruptly cut off from the outside world. The United States government decides to investigate further when a cargo ship, the USS Seay, sinks off the coast of Auroa. The CIA launch Operation Greenstone, deploying a Ghost Recon platoon to re-establish contact with Auroa and determine the circumstances of the Seay's sinking. The insertion ends in disaster when the helicopters carrying the platoon are attacked by a swarm of drones. Nomad is the sole able-bodied survivor of the platoon; of his squadmates, Holt is seriously injured, Weaver is killed and Midas is missing.

Eventually, Nomad arrives to Erewhon, a secret mountain hideout, kept hidden from enemy threats. With the assistance of Mads Schulz, Jace Skell, Christina Cromwell, and Maurice Fox; Nomad assists in taking down the drones, and threatening security measures, the Wolves set on the Island.

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pswsm Review

Date: 09-06-2021

Great game, cool story mode. Haven’t played online too much. I did not find much bugs for a Ubi game, and overall is fun to play. Maybe they could fix cutscenes: the frames drop to <30, and the audio desynchronises with the image.


Date: 19-08-2020

Playing this game, as a noob, and no previous research. I was looking forward to this game. BUT

The game had bugs, all in the beginning of the game I had to restart to do a simple talk-to.
Further the game bugged twice again in less then 10 minutes where I couldn't complete a mission.

This ruined my gameplay. Not gonna restart it 4-5 times if I just play for an hour.

Looks of the game are great, and the concept is exciting ! AI teammates is something I really want to try. 
I will give it a second chance, but for now, the game felt really bad because of the bugs.

RafaZnZ Review

Date: 01-01-1970

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