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Threta Revelations

Prodigi Interactive / Prodigi Interactive
Release date: TBA
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#the Game:

A Narrative driven fantasy, adventure AAA game which is inspired by Asian & Sri Lankan mythologies and historical characters. It’s based on Sri Lanka’s very rich history that back dates to thousands of years. The Threta universe includes ‘interconnected characters’ which is comparable to universes such as God of War, Lord of The Rings or Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This project will be a historic achievement in Asian Interactive media industry as it will be the first AAA grade gaming experience to venture out of the South Asian region. Threta is also one of the first Asian video games to be included in the revolutionary Google Stadia cloud gaming platform.

Prodigi Interactive Gaming takes leaps into researching and developing future technologies of the gaming and game development industry with a bold vision of setting standards to Asian video gaming ecosystem.

To make the gameplay interesting and give the player whole new gaming experience we decided to use Angampora as the combat style. Angampora is Sri Lanka's ancient martial art which contains heavy and complex figting moves rather than other martial arts. Since we are giving more importance to ancient and history related elements , Angampora is the best way to represent Srilanka in global gaming industry.

How do we include Angampora fighing style into a video game? No one has ever done this before. How do we flawlessly get Angampora combat moves inside the game? Hand animation is much harder. Angampora involves complex and subtle movements and techniques which needs to be carefully captured.

So we decided to get our own motion captue unit specifically to capture Angampora for Threta Game. Our CTO, Dilan Anjana Hewathudella is the First Motion Capture Artist for a Video Game in Sri Lanka. This is what we achieved for the first time in Sri Lankan Gaming History.

The name Threta comes from the Treta Age. All the incidents in the game story happened ages ago with every assets or color tone we use, we constantly try to remember and go back to that ancient time.

So at this level, if we use Sinhala or English in side he game it would simply not match with the context of it. That's when we felt the need to create our own alphabet because the story and context demanded it.

We looked at worlds existing languages and also the oldest alphabets we could find. We discovered that the oldest language that would fit with our narrative is the ancient Magadhi(or Paali). We studied a collection of alphabets from Paali to Burmese, Thai, Tamizh and current Sinhalese Languages in use. Afer a lot of trials we created our own alphabet and numeric system. Later we converted the alphabet to a standard font style.



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