The Invincible

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About the game

Regis III in the Lyra constellation. Place of your mission. Your name is Yasna, and you are a scientist with a lot of experience under your belt. That you remember. Everything else is somehow behind a fog. You know you didn't come here alone. The entire crew was with you. They didn't suddenly dissolve into thin air. You have to… no, you want to go out and find them. Find out what happened. Your intuition tells you that apart from the answers to your questions, you will discover something more...

What's wrong with humankind? We push ourselves constantly and stubbornly to places not ready for us and places that we are not ready for ourselves. We want to obsessively and constantly learn, measure, verify, research, and add to the growing inventory of human achievements.

It's no different here on Regis III. Another planet to check on our way. On the surface, it all seems so simple. And yet, this corner of the cosmos and the secrets associated with it irreversibly affect the perception of yourself and of the entire human species. You are faced with unusual choices, and you have to deal with their consequences. If you make it back, nothing will ever be the same for you.

You are not alone in all of this. You have the support of an experienced, but sometimes cautious Astrogator. His advice is valuable, but the clarity of the situation is sometimes as distant as he is. You only communicate over the radio. Here in space, that's the norm. Even when you look someone in the eye and they are right next to you, the sound of every word uttered in the conversation reaches you in a form deformed by the device.

In addition to human companions, you can also count on a probe, which is very useful in the field, and your analog equipment. However, your courage, sharp mind, and a bit of sarcasm are the driving force in discovering the secrets of this alien place.

So, are you ready to be on Regis III?

"The Invincible" is a first-person, adventure thriller set in an atompunk world, based on Stanisław Lem's iconic science fiction novel by the same title.

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