The Falconeer

Developer: Tomas Sala / Publisher: Wired Productions

Release: 05-10-2022

Price:  19.99 €

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Stadia Features:

4K, 60FPS



About The Game:

The Falconeer is a new take on air combat. A 3rd person game that puts you in control of a Falconeer, an airborne warrior. Using ranged weapons the game still holds true to classic dog fighting mechanics but adds twists such as acrobatics and crazy line up of enemies to take on. You'll fight other Falconeer's, but also large lumbering airships, flying beetles, manta rays and off course the dragon-like weavers.

The story revolves around a singular conflict, but as a player you'll get to play and experience it from as many angles as you want, offering you access to all the factions involved.

The Falconeer is an open-world game. Meaning that a reasonable chunk of the Ursee can be explored and engaged freely. With different factions and their settlements and bases responding to your actions and faction allegiance.

You will need to survive and earn soulshards the currency of the Ursee, to improve your gear and mount, but also to keep your faction on top in the struggle to control the Ursee.

  • Explore and Fly The Ursee is an ancient place, filled with new locations to find and explore, some even below the waves. There are sparks of order and civilization to be found as well as wild and dangerous coasts filled with treasure, pirates, lost technology and amazing creatures.
  • New Dogfighting Perspective Air combat in the Falconeer is brutal and fast with mounted enemies such as War Falcons, Weaver dragons, Mantarays and Razorbeetles providing a new twist of a gamer classic.
  • Influence People in the Ursee divide over two lines, access to technology and control over valuable resources such as wood and metals. Revolution and dissent is always brewing among the downtrodden and poor, while the rich and powerful yield fleets of airships and Falconeer's to protect their assets.

Game Editions:

The Falconeer: Warrior Edition

Release: 05-10-2022

Price:  29.99 €

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Small Interview:

Added 22-09-2022

Stadia GamesDB!: Can you tell us, above, who is Tomas Sala?

Tomas Sala: I'm a game designer and 3d artists who's been at it for over two decades now.
I used to work at a small studio, mostly doing work for hire , my biggest title there was Tracklab a niche PSVR title published by Sony. I think most gamers who would know my work would do so from Moonpath to Elsweyr a massively popular Skyrim mod I did ages ago.

Stadia GamesDB!: Let's go with the game. What will players find when they open The Falconeer?

Tomas Sala: The Falconeer is what you get when you mash together an open world with a arcade air combat game like Crimson Skies and add in a unique ocean world setting and mysterious lore.

Stadia GamesDB!: What led you to consider adapting The Falconeer for Stadia?

Tomas Sala: I find cloud gaming hugely interesting. And you can tell it's gaining speed left and right. But it's a field very much in flux as everybody is trying to find the killer angle. Stadia is appealing as its backed by Google, by virtue of scale but I also find the controller setup and the 60 FPS things that really match the Falconeer and my personal gaming sensibilities.

Stadia GamesDB!: From what I read in the interview with the guys from Stadia the game is remade from scratch. Was it for something in particular?

Tomas Sala: From scratch would not be a good description. But the Stadia port has had more work done than other ports. I think that's mostly a result of the technological requirements and options such as timing, i.e. FPS which is quite different when the entire thing is streamed. More of the work has been in bringing the next gen version of the game to Stadia with all the trimmings it can muster.

Stadia GamesDB!: Have you found any difference between developing The Falconeer for other platforms and doing it for Stadia?

Tomas Sala: The basic architecture of stadia is a bit different, but that goes for nearly every platform nowadays. For a first time things went quite smooth

Stadia GamesDB!: How long did it take to remake the game for Stadia?

Tomas Sala: Its hard to say, as it's been in the work for a few months but that interweaved with the extra dlc and playstation/switch release so to condense is a tricky guess.

Stadia GamesDB!: Will The Falconeer have any exclusive Stadia features?

Tomas Sala: At the moment the Falconeer edition is on par with the playstation 5 and Xbox series X editions. There are changes to how certain effects work, such as the water shader, but drawdistances, shadow quality, resolution, high end 3d models and such all are the highest possible for s Stadia.

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