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The Darkside Detective A Fumble in the Dark

Dev Spooky Doorway | Pub Akupara Games | Rel 15-04-2022 | Pri 12.99 € | Free for Pro
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About the game

Season 2 is bigger, better, and 100% slimier than ever! A year after the “Motel Incident” of Season 1, we find our reliable Darkside Detective, Francis McQueen, picking up the pieces that left the Darkside Division’s dynamic duo as a slightly less-than-dynamic solo. While the best line of defense against the unknown took a hit to their ranks, the Darkside’s ominous influence remains ever-present with the supernatural running amuck and the paranormal causing havoc around the completely (ab)normal city of Twin Lakes.

This brand new collection of comedic point-and-click adventures will see Detective McQueen in six new standalone cases as he investigates a creepy carnival, explores a retirement home, and even tries to unwind on a trip to “sunny” old Ireland…


  • 6 brand new standalone bite-sized micro cases to solve in The Darkside Detective franchise, with more to come post-launch
  • Detective McQueen goes big with an international case of global proportions
  • Twin Lakes’ hottest fashion trends
  • Pixel optimization for better facial recognition
  • Use of an innovative combination of noises known as Moo-sak to build atmosphere and chase off lonely, eerie silence

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Deals history

Date Pro Price Valid Pro All Users Price Valid All Users
16-12-2022 9.74 € 31-12-2022
05-11-2022 11.69 € 19-11-2022
20-10-2022 10.39 € 27-10-2022
31-08-2022 9.74 € 15-09-2022 11.04 € 15-09-2022
13-07-2022 11.04 € 21-07-2022 10.39 € 21-07-2022
01-06-2022 10.39 € 16-06-2022 11.69 € 16-06-2022
15-04-2022 11.69 € 27-04-2022