Soul Passage - Journey of One Soul

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About the game

Soul Passage is the story of the honorable Nameless Warrior. After losing his family and the people in his village, he makes a pact with the Soul Keeper to bring them back to life. The Heartless Soul Keeper gives him a long task to complete in order to free his family and people. From that day forward, the nameless warrior is known as Obligor. He is obligated to gather the souls of his enemies and send them through the Soul Passage to complete the Soul Keeper's task.


  • Fast & dynamic play Metroidvania
  • Your decisions matter as they influence your character and the world itself also your story
  • Different styles & physics for unique worlds
  • Unique quests & side quests, enemies, and bosses for every world
  • Unique weapon system, upgradable items, and wears
  • 2D hand-drawn /vector art for a new universe
  • In-game puzzles waiting to solve

Soul Passage is an action-packed game from an innovative team, aiming to break some rules of Metroidvania games, the passion of millions of people, by leaving the control of the skill tree along with the fate of the main character Obligor to the player to jump into an extraordinary journey through The Spiritus Porta, a soul realm, which filled with miscellaneous planets housing diverse creatures while carrying countless extraordinary magical items and breathtaking weapons in your stash.

Soul Passage allows you to explore the enigmatic nature of the story and relive the adventure with its different endings with new starts by adding the irresistible charm of role-playing (Rpg) on top of the breathless struggle that forms the essence of Metroidvania games. In addition to the diversity of the story, Soul Passage will allow you to add eccentric flavours to your enjoyment with its extraordinary weapons and completely different fighting styles.

The purpose of the Soul Passage Game Team is to enable you to enjoy this original game on Windows and macOS operating systems, as well as Nintendo, Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, Atari game consoles and mobile devices. However, we have not yet confirmed which platforms will be available and not. As an approach, we aim to gradually bring the Soul Passage game to life on all platforms, and in principle, we define the platforms chosen by you, who support the game, as our primary targets.

The whole process, we proceed by working diligently on the artistic perspective appropriate to the essence of the game. We are chasing our dreams with an irrepressible desire and zeal so that you can share the childlike excitement, unstoppable joy, the attraction of desire to explore and the breathtaking enthusiasm for creativity we experienced while designing the game.

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