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Dev Paratope | Pub Paratope | Rel 22-11-2022 | Pri 39.99 €

About the game

Build your kingdom, choose your class, and tame monsters in this procedurally generated open-world RPG.

Suggested to release on Stadia if the game is funded on Kickstarter.

Build your Kingdom

  • Realtime base building
  • Chop trees and mine for stone
  • Villagers will spawn in your stronghold
  • Manage game currency and resources for your kingdom

Choose your class

  • Pick from one of three unique classes
  • Each has its own unique skill tree and statistics
  • Unique class armor and weapon sets


  • Fight against mob enemies in groups or alone
  • Farm or hunt resources to battle hunger
  • Build barracks and command units to defend your kingdom

Tame Monsters

  • Choose one of three unique elemental starters
  • Find monsters is the open world  
  • Mix and match with your class to create unique combos
  • Use your companion in realtime combat


  • The procedurally generated game world provides infinite possibilities
  • Discover new biomes each with its own fauna and flora
  • Uncover an ancient story embedded into the world

Small Interview

Interview added: 15-02-2023

Stadia GamesDB!: First of all, what can you tell us about Paratope?

Paratope: Paratope is a sustainability company, aiming to pioneer new gaming experiences, among other sectors of industry.

stdb: And now about the game, Skyclimbers, what are going to find the players that decide to play the game?

Paratope: Player choice is a big piece of the game, choose between many different gameplay systems to suit your play style.

stdb: For the type of game you are developing I think that, maybe, Stadia is a great place to stay, can you tell us if you are going to use any special feature of the platform on the game?

Paratope: Out of the supported features Stadia has to offer, crowd play and crowd share seem like the most relevant to us.

stbd: How comes the idea of making the game available on Stadia from the first moment without locking this possibility behind some stretch goal?

Paratope: We began adding Vulkan support for mobile and are using a supported version of the Unity engine. Stadia always seemed attractive as a diverse platform for us to publish on.

stdb: I read in an interview that you are going away from the way that the game industry is monetizing the games and you are more on the side of offering a, I don't know if we can say a "timeless" game. Can you explain to us more about that? The users don't have to pay for expansions, new creatures...?

Paratope: Yes, rather than attempting to remonetize our franchise with new sequels, we plan to keep expanding the base game for years to come. While also keeping a flat price at 40$ without any paid DLC, we can continue to deploy free updates such as other games in the genre. Minecraft is a great example.

stdb: With the lockdown, have Stadia supposed an advantage at the time of programming and stay in time with the release calendar?

Paratope: Not really, we operated on a very strict development budget prior to the pandemic, so we were able to survive through it.

Remember you can follow Paratope and Skyclimbers on Twitter and also you can still back the project on Kickstarter

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