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 3840x2160 (4K)  30fps hdr

Phoenix Point: Year One Edition

Dev Snapshot Games | Pub Snapshot Games | Rel 26-01-2023 | Pri 44.99 €
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About the game

Phoenix Point delivers a new breed of turn-based strategy. Plan operations, research new technologies, and build alliances to unite the planet or destroy your rivals — then customize your squad and deploy into conflict zones around the globe with dynamic objectives and destructible environments. Procedurally generated maps, branching storylines, and enemies that mutate to counter your tactics create a huge variety of challenges and surprises, ensuring no two playthroughs are ever the same.

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StadiaHoy Review 

Date: 24-06-2022

En general estamos ante un juego sobresaliente que ha sabido mezclar los orígenes del género con la evolución perfecta que tuvimos en XCOM y XCOM 2, añadiendo los suficientes detalles de personalidad para convertirlo en un exponente relevante en su categoría.

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