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Pro | 03-12-2020 / 02-03-2021
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Dev Splash Damage | Pub Warchest | Rel 03-12-2020 | Pri 19.99 €
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About the game

Curve your shots and be the last player standing in this adorably frenetic, fast-paced eight player combat game that tests your speed and creativity.

Outcasters is a chaotic multiplayer combat game for you and up to 8 players.

Battle your way across arenas and curve your shots to creatively defeat your opponents. With customisable Outcasters and all sorts of power-ups it’s a chaotically fun multiplayer arena game that gives a hook-shot an all new meaning. Only on Stadia.

Small Interview

Interview added: 16-09-2020

STDB!: First of all. I know that Splash Damage is a well-known game Dev studio, but for the new people arriving to this world of games, can you tell us something about the studio?

Splash Damage: Where to start! Well, we’re almost 20 years old and we’ve worked on some really amazing stuff over the years: starting with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, through Brink, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, Gears 4 and 5, Gears Tactics, Dirty Bomb, and now Outcasters!
The studio is about 300 people, and we’re just outside London!

STDB!: All the people that saw that Connect where Stadia announced a collaboration with Splash Damage was astonished, I was, can you tell us how went the journey to bring Outcasters to Stadia?

Splash Damage: It’s been a lot of fun! The Stadia team is full of amazingly talented people, so it’s been so easy to work with them on this project. We’ll be able to talk about it all in way more technical detail soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for that!

STDB!: I was shocked looking your past works and seeing the art direction that Outcaster is taking, I love it by the way. It was intentional, was a Stadia imposition, or is just trying new waters and experimentations in the studio?

Splash Damage: It was 100% our decision. We’re always experimenting and trying out new things; from tech, to art, to design, and bringing this vinyl world to life has been so much fun. You’re right though, Outcasters definitely stands out from our previous games, but under the surface, it’s still very competitive and skill-based!

STDB!: Now about the game. What the gamers, the new ones and the old seasoned, will encounter when they start playing Outcasters?

Splash Damage: They’re going to encounter something fast, competitive, colourful, and a lot of fun! We really can’t wait to show off the gameplay in way more detail, and for players to get their hands on it.

STDB!: When I read "you can control the direction of shots" I think this is not gonna be easy... But it seems a lot of fun... It will be difficult or any player can master the game?

Splash Damage: It is a lot of fun, and we hope that anyone will be able to master it in time! It’s tough, though, you’ve got to use the map around you, use pickups and abilities, and use your curved shots to win.

STDB: How is working with Stadia and the cloud, there's any difference that working with other platforms?

Splash Damage: We’re excited to talk about more technical stuff as we get closer to, or after, release!

STDB!: So let's say the work on Outcasters is over, the game launched and you have to move on a new project. Will be Stadia a platform to pitch for that new game?

Splash Damage: We’ve had such a good time working with the team at Stadia, you never know!

And now! To put an end to this Small Interview the kind people at OutCasters send us two exclusives images for your joy!!
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pswsm Review

Date: 14-01-2021

9/10 because perfection doesn't exist.

Great game, cool graphics and a lot of pieces to customize your character (way more than I expected).

StadiaHoy Review 

Date: 12-12-2020

Es un juego disparos multijugador muy divertido y simple. Fácil de aprender a jugar pero difícil de dominar.

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Stoked4Good Review 

Date: 05-12-2020

Good simple addictive fun.  Can't wait to see what else is on the roadmap here!

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