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Merek's Market

Dev Big Village Games | Pub Big Village Games | Rel 14-09-2021 | Pri 17.99 €
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About the game

Merek’s Market combines the craftsmanship, characters and chaos of running a medieval shop.

Take ownership of a small shop as you haggle, barter and craft your way through a comical single player campaign or team up with friends to supply the whole town.

  • Skilfully negotiate your way into heady profits. Unethical side note, ye olde businessmen may be willing to pay through the nose. Do with that information what you will.
  • Do you have the skill and craftsmanship to make beautiful artisanal items? Neither does Merek but putting a few items on a crafting table and hitting them with a hammer seem to turn up decent results
  • Ace the level for a gold medal then keep competing for your place in the world. For those who like it a little more local, you can see how you size up against your friends too.

Couch Potatoes Unite!

With up to 4 player local co-op, just imagine the possibilities…

Are you under 10? You can play with your parents who will most definitely quickly grasp the controls and be useful team mates. 

Has lockdown taken its toll? Save the marriage with some quality time together. 

Do you struggle with the most basic of video games? Look like you’re doing something while your 3 friends carry you.

Small Interview

Interview added: 08-04-2021

Stadia GamesDB! (stdb): First of all can you tell us something about Big Village Games?

Big Village Games (bvg): We are a new company on the block, drawing from a wealth of experience in game development. Dave, our Technical Director has had regular stints as an indie game developer, alongside a career as a programmer. Jeremy, our Art Director, brings 30+ years of art and design experience to the team.
Big Village Games exists because we are passionate about making games that look and feel amazing to play, provide fun challenges for a range of different players, and give a few good chuckles along the way.

stdb: And about Merek's Market, what will the Stadia users find when they fire up the game for the first time?

bvg: We’ve all played as the main character in so many games, where we are constantly badgering poor shopkeepers, haggling on their wares, using their shop as a base for upgrades, and generally making their life difficult - in Merek’s Market we flip this concept on its head! Now you are the unfortunate shopkeeper that must craft for and haggle with an abundance of kooky characters - go ahead and overprice that sword, he’s only going to run off and get eaten by a bear in ten minutes!
At launch, you will be able to run your shop solo in a full single player campaign or couch co-op with up to 4 players. Create your team with friends and tackle the multiplayer campaign to test how strong your friendships really are!

stdb: Is Merek's Market going to support any Stadia exclusive feature?

bvg: We’ve thrown around the idea of Crowd Choice where viewers of a stream choose the next batch of customers entering the shop. As a small team, we really have to put our limited time into aspects of the game that the most people will enjoy. This side of launch, we won’t be implementing Stadia specific features but we love the passion, excitement, and support that we have experienced from the Stadia community. If we can create something that really makes the most of Stadia’s features, and there’s a demand from the community, I’m sure we can make it happen.

stdb: You’re aiming for PS, Xbox and Stadia - what's the difference between developing the game on a cloud platform like Stadia and the other ones, if there's any?

bvg: Merek’s Market is part of the Stadia Makers program. The experience so far has been overwhelmingly positive, Stadia are great partners and we’d recommend working with them! They’ve smoothed out every bump we encountered so we could focus on launching day zero on Stadia.
On the technical front, it’s not been all that different to other platforms. The streaming tech behind Stadia is mostly abstracted away. We can just make fun stuff and it just works! One thing we’ve been sure to do is keep a constant 60 FPS so playing Merek’s Market on Stadia is as smooth and responsive as possible.

stdb: What do you think about Cloud Gaming?

bvg: The experience of browsing the store, buying a game and being able to play it within minutes, without having to maintain game updates is unparalleled with other non-cloud gaming platforms.
As developers, we are excited about the prospect of these platforms breaking into new international markets and delivering games to audiences that just couldn’t access them via expensive hardware.
Indie games are taking up more and more of a share of the market, and have long been the largest chunk of a platforms catalogue - it’s very exciting to see cloud platforms like Stadia providing third-party developer support for original indie games like Merek’s Market.

stdb: Anything in the foreseeable future that could bring more Big Village Games on Stadia, or is too early?

bvg: It may be a little too early for us to be thinking about any future projects just yet - we are currently very distracted making Merek’s Market as silly and as enjoyable as possible! That said, Stadia have been fantastic partners and we certainly wouldn’t shy away from looking to launch on the Stadia platform for future projects should the opportunity arise!

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Marxally Review 

Date: 21-09-2021

Merek's Market és un joc senzill però entretingut, que segurament farà passar una bona estona per jugar en cooperatiu local. Prenem el rol d'en Merek, un jove que ha decidit aventurar-se en el món del comerç, i obre la seva pròpia botiga, on haurà de prendre notes de les peticions dels seus potencials clients, i dur-les a terme de la manera més ràpida i eficient possible.

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