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Pro | 01-10-2022 / 01-01-2023
 1920x1080 (FHD)  30fps HDR

Mafia III Definitive Edition

Dev Red Kite Games | Pub 2K | Rel 01-10-2022 | Pri 29.99 € | Free for Pro
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About the game


The ‘60s are in full swing in the coastal city of New Bordeaux, which is known for its abundant nightlife and culturally diverse population. The nation is surging with change in response to the civil rights movement, and the American south is fraught with racial tension, revolutionary movements, and thriving crime rackets.

  • EXACT REVENGE YOUR WAY Brute force, guns blazing, or stealth tactics - how you tear down the Italian Mafia is up to you.
  • EXPLORE A HUGE AND DIVERSE WORLD From the business district to the bayou, every neighborhood has its own unique flavor.
  • BUILD A NEW CRIME FAMILY Unlock special perks by recruiting underbosses to run districts within your criminal empire.

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