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Madden NFL 22

Dev EA Tiburon | Pub EA Sports | Rel 20-08-2022 | Pri 69.99 €
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About the game

  • Franchise Mode in Madden NFL 22 will make players feel more connected and in control of their team, with more detailed staff management and skill tree progression systems, and comprehensive weekly game strategy with a revamped Season Engine that keeps things fresh every week. Franchise will also continue to see improvements throughout the year via multiple live service updates.
  • Madden NFL’ s newest mode, The Yard, will feature an all-new single player campaign and avatar progression system that shares progress, rewards and vanity with Face of the Franchise. Face of The Franchise returns with an all-new story, player class system, and the option to play on the defensive side of the ball as a linebacker for the first time. Superstar KO will bring multiplayer squad play to NFL teams with the addition of real world NFL teams to the mode for the first time. Plus, Madden Ultimate Team will deliver a new season of content, allow for halftime adjustments to Superstar X-Factors and integrate Next Gen Stats* to track stats for player items.

Game Editions

Madden NFL 22 MVP Edition

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Madden NFL 22 Dinasty Edition

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Game Reviews

StadiaHoy Review 

Date: 08-09-2022

Madden es un juego divertido si te gusta el fútbol americano y eso es incuestionable, también hay que reconocer que para los que hemos echado muchas horas en la edición del año pasado nos quedamos un tanto fríos al ver pocos atisbos de novedades, quién sabe si algunas de esas novedades exclusivas de la «next-gen» otorguen otro cuerpo a este título.

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