Mad Streets

Developer: Craftshop Arts / Publisher: Craftshop Arts

Release: 15-03-2023

Price:  14.99 €

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Stadia Features:

Cross Play, Multi Online, Multi Local


Action, Fight, Party

About The Game:

Pick up and Play with friends or solo and watch yourself crack a smile

  • Mad Streets is a uniquely blended Physics and Animation Multiplayer, Brawler/Fighter/Party game. Cant specify which type of those its really more of because it feels like a bit of all of them. Hardcore players see the depth in it while more Casual players see the extremely fun, pick up and play element. Comedy mixed nicely with Brutal Actions. You gotta feel it for yourself! Coming out on ALL major platforms in early Summer 2020.

Unique and Natural Combat

  • This isnt your classic combo based melee system. Its unique and organic. Focusing on directional based attacking on specific areas of the body. While the combat does really on specific directional attacks to land cleanly, we arent shy to include some crazy, silly moves and specials to heighten the experience. From Pax we saw that anyone would pick up and play. Gamers, non gamers, kids, parents etc..

Various modes

  • Aside from the Campaign story mode which unlocks all characters in the game, Mad Streets will also provide competitive vs and challenge modes where you and up to 4 players can jump in for brawls. Makes team based matches, or weapons only fights, include a Referee to judge the bout…there will be fun ways to interact with the combat system.

Grab anything

  • Grab anything you can see. Anything can be a weapon. If you can lift it. Find food, and start eating for boosts, stamina recovery, and special abilities. Grab other players and man handle them.

Game Trailer:


Small Interview:

Added 07-10-2022

Stadia GamesDB!: What can you tell us about Craft Shop Arts?

Craft Shop Arts: Well its my startup studio that started from a desire to make action games in any way I wanted. I had over 2 decades of experience working at many studio, primarily on various action games. So I wanted my hand at it. We started making a simpler single player punch out like game which eventually changed to a multiplayer, wacky physics game. Not saying we will always go this direction, but I hope to make more action games. Thats for sure.

Stadia GamesDB!: What will Stadia players find when they first open the game?

Craft Shop Arts: Pure laughter! Well, we hope. The game is a simple pick up and play game that is designed to give you fun moments and doesnt take itself seriously.

Stadia GamesDB!: How did the idea of porting the game to Stadia come about?

Craft Shop Arts: We looked at what platforms we thought would be easy to develop for based on team size. Stadia was in that list.

Stadia GamesDB!: How long has it taken, or is it taking, to make the game for Stadia? Is it being done directly for you?

Craft Shop Arts: Its taken a few years to create Mad Streets. The journey was difficult because of the physics. Its not easy to make a game around this kind of tech, and it can be very messy. Stadia development, as with all other platforms, starts from developing on PC. So its no different on that side of things.

Stadia GamesDB!: Have you found any difference between programming for Stadia and for other platforms?

Craft Shop Arts: No, its mostly differences developers will get based on platform limitations. The consoles are definitely much more limiting that Stadia, PC etc..

Stadia GamesDB!: Are you working to make the game include any of the exclusive Stadia features?

Craft Shop Arts: As of this moment no. We lost a member at a crucial hour, and had to shift our plans in every area, including this. But we hope to continue to build on this on the platform in the near future.

Stadia GamesDB!: Finally, is it possible to know the price and release date? : P

Craft Shop Arts: Very Soon.... sorry waiting on Stadia to officially announce.

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