Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles

Developer: Luminawesone Games / Publisher: Wired Productions

Release: 01-05-2022

Price:  19.99 €  / Free For Pro Users

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Stadia Features:

4K, 60FPS


Platforms, Puzzles, Party

About The Game:

Lumote is a game about two opposing powers; Lumote, represented by blue energy and the Mastermote, whose energy is red. These two characters are locked in a battle for control of the world. In this 3D puzzle platformer you play as Lumote, who is equipped with the abilities to jump and to possess. Possession allows you to take control of the world’s inhabitants, the Motes, and use their abilities to solve puzzles and aid your progress through the world. Depending on who's energy controls a Mote, their behaviour will either help or hinder your journey to take control of the world away from the Mastermote


  • 3D Puzzle Platformer
  • Family Friendly
  • Cute

Game Trailer: