Lost Words Beyond the Page

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Release date: 2023-03-27
Score: 9


the Game:

Lost Words was first started for the Ludum Dare 26 game jam in 2013, which had the theme of 'minimalism'. Mark liked the concept and kept working on it in his spare time until he managed to secure some funding and left his job at Marmalade to work on the game full-time. He has since received a grant from the Wellcome Trust, support from Creative England, raised some SEIS investment through Games Co London and Goldfinch, as well as securing a grant from the UK Games Fund. This has allowed him to hire a talented team and the studio are now looking for a publisher for the game.


  • Story by renowned games writer Rhianna Pratchett
  • Use words to solve puzzle.
  • Beautiful visual style
  • Dual settings of the pages of a diary and the fantasy world of Estoria

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