Lost Judgment

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About the game

Lost Judgment will be set in two main locations: Kamurocho in Tokyo and Yokohama. The game’s producer, Kazuki Hosokawa, called Yokohama a living city that changes from day to night. It’s also where Lost Judgment’s high school is located. Hosokawa said that the team has modeled the school’s classrooms, hallways, faculty rooms, and gym in “great detail.”

Yagami is also getting a combat upgrade, with multiple fighting styles (Crane, Tiger, Snake). So too are investigations improving; Yagami has new stealth and traversal options while searching for clues. Perhaps Yagami’s greatest trick will be going undercover at the local high school, where he’ll box, dance, and skateboard alongside the Yokohama teens. Hosokawa called these missions “School Stories,” and promised side missions “full of laughs, tears, struggles, and maybe even a little suspense too.”

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