Life is Strange Before the Storm Remastered

Developer: Deck Nine Games / Publisher: Square Enix

Release: 01-02-2023

Price:  24.99 €

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Stadia Features:

4K, 30FPS , Was Pro


Adventure, Puzzles

About The Game:

Life is Strange: Before the Storm returns with remastered graphics of its characters and environments.In this story three years before Life is Strange, Chloe Price, a young woman of sixteen, will establish a curious friendship with Rachel Amber, a beautiful and popular girl destined for success. When Rachel discovers a family secret that threatens to destroy her world, it will be her new friend Chloe who encourages her to move on.

She reserves to get the "" Zombie Crypt "" outfit for Chloe.

Game Trailer:


Review by Marxally

I'd love to give this a better score, as I really enjoyed my time with the game and think it's far better than the original Life is Strange. The characters are better written, the plot feels far more grounded and interesting, specially after playing the first game. Gameplay is more simple, getting rid of the time travel shenanigans and sticking to something more basic like a proper point and click adventure, in line of the Telltale games, but adding that charismatic Chloe behaviour to a certain point.

Too bad this "Remastered" version suffers a lot of technical issues, from visuals to perfomance. The game looks great, overall, but sometimes there visual glitches than in certain cutscenes can ruin the whole presentation and story. Even worse, the game game major perfomance issues and random stutters, even freezing completetly in some instances.

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