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Parabole / Ravenscourt Games
Release date: 01-08-2020
Price: 14.99 €


#the Game:

Northern Canada, 1970. A strange blizzard ravages Atamipek Lake. Step into the shoes of private detective Carl Faubert to explore the desolate village, investigate surreal events, and battle the frigid elements. KONA is a game submerged in mystery and intrigue, one with a spine-tingling narrative and unflinching drama that unfolds building the tension throughout.


  • Step into a surreal interactive tale of mystery and investigate the perplexing quietness in the entire town
  • Explore a vast, frigid Northern environment and battle the frigid elements
  • Enjoy the atmospheric soundtrack featuring music by Quebec folk band Curé Label
  • Experience the tale through the omniscient, third-person storyteller
  • Go back in time with a vintage look and feel reminiscent of 1970s rural communities

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