Intruder in Antiquonia

Dev Aruma Studios | Pub Aruma Studios | Rel TBA | Pri TBA

About the game

What do a convent gardener, a police inspector, and an ambulance driver have in common? Besides living in a town that rejects Internet adoption, they will join forces to help Sarah, a young woman with amnesia, uncover the enigma of her intriguing past. Are you ready to explore this peculiar town, and face the challenges that await behind Sarah's memories?

The story unfolds in the present time, but without COVID-19. Sarah, the protagonist, is found lying on the road that leads to the town of Antiquonia. She will be found by Karim, the only ambulance driver in town. Together with the police officer and the convent gardener, Karim will help Sarah as she navigates her lost memories and the unique town.

What to expect?

  • Captivating story with a good sense of humor, that will help you disconnect from the real world.
  • Challenging yet logical puzzles that make sense, are relevant to the story, and make you feel the reward of succeeding. Interesting characters with their own motivations, that you want to know and listen to.
  • Intriguing world, full of unexpected corners that you will want to explore. Casual mechanics that and don't add more stress to your life, and let you play at your own pace.
  • All the nostalgia of classic adventure games with a modern, comfortable, and easy-to-use interface.