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About the game

Slay terrifying prehistoric creatures in this semi-open world epic adventure, with immersive combat and exploration in multiple awe inspiring natural locations, all while solving puzzles and completing campaigns. Single player and co-op.

Weapon loadouts to suit your playstyle, from melee weapons to rocket launchers with fully customisable in-game attachment, skin and reticle editor. Find and earn attachments as you progress. The game will also take advantage of adaptive trigger and haptic feedback support. We have paid particular focus on next-generation consoles and GPUs. Utilising advanced ray-tracing, DLSS 2.0, HDRI, screen space effects, shadows, reflections, and ambient occlusion. Dynamic resolution and frame rates with forward support for gaming at 8k and 120fps. Advanced Ambisonics and Convolution Reverb provide a fully immersive three-dimensional sound experience. Environmental audio reacts relative to position and origination point.

Access quick settings and you'll also be able to toggle each HUD element on and off, items such as the mini-map, ammunition, compass, mission, hints and inventory. Everything, including HUD positioning, is fully customisable and you have the ability to choose presets or create your own.

Small Interview

Interview added: 22-06-2022

Stadia GamesDB! (stdb): First of all, can you tell us who Hashbane is?

Hashbane (hb): Hashbane is an independent game developer founded in 2020, as a sister company to our existing 3D studio Dane Design that specialises in commercial visual production in various fields, including animation, architectural visualisation, motion graphics & advertising for clients across the globe. The original founders of both studios have worked extensively in Unreal Engine for nearly a decade with a combined 27 years experience in the industry.

stdb: What will players find on Stadia when they first launch the game?

hb: We are yet to do comprehensive side by side comparisons with other platforms, but you're likely to experience faster loading and startup times, probably near-zero download times and little to no noise when compared to a traditional console, play on the move on different screens, but those features aren't unique to Instinction. Once we're further in development we'd be able to provide an in-depth comparison and surely content creators would too.

stdb: According to all connoisseurs, the game is inspired by Dino Crisis. Is there any other game (movie, book ...) of which you have taken notes of what to do and what not to do?

hb: For example, the original game mostly had set camera positions and at times a dynamic camera, and as with all games as time passes certain elements need updated implementation, we aren’t reinventing anything, just bringing a dinosaur-themed game into the modern era. There will be clues throughout that set the mood, you’ll get an idea of what occurred in that area and what to look out for, Dino Crisis did a great job of this, for instance, a severed body on the floor help sets the tone of what's to come.

stdb: At what point did Stadia emerge as a possible platform to bring the game to?

hb: We were approached by someone on Twitter who really wanted us to consider Stadia, he DM us and it all really started from there, the Stadia community took notice and we began to look at the overall viability of releasing on the platform.

stdb: Have you started the development of the game on Stadia or are you waiting for a response from Google?

hb: We're talking with a few publishers, the truth is when we choose a suitable publisher, they will also handle all the ports to different platforms, including Stadia. As an independent studio this partnership will allow for greater opportunity, this will include expansions to the game and future Instinction releases.

stdb: Plan on adding to the game some of the features that make special Stadia?

hb: It may be too early for us to say, as we continue to learn more about Stadia and do some more testing we may find possibilities to add to the game that are exclusive to Stadia, once again this is where getting feedback from the community as a whole helps us figure that out as we progress through development.

stdb: It seems that the Cloud Gaming is beginning to be something to be taken into account by more companies, even Nintendo is doing something!. What do you think of it? Is it another way to play or is it something that comes to replace traditional video games?

hb: We'd imagine Cloud Gaming is a natural progression for gaming platforms, but in the same way that you can purchase physical and digital editions of a game, even if Cloud Gaming becomes more popular than owning a console, for some there will always be a desire to have something tactile, a physical console too. Only time will tell, but it's still exciting to be bringing Instinction to Stadia along with more traditional gaming platforms.

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