Hundred Days - Winemaking Simulator

Developer: Broken Arms Games / Publisher: Broken Arms Games

Release: 13-05-2022

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Avec Hundred Days, Broken Arms Games a réussi à proposer un jeu de gestion très réaliste et complet [...] Avec sa direction artistique minimaliste mais très agréable à l’oeil et un contenu aussi généreux qu’une bouteille de grand cru, le titre du studio italien se laisse parcourir avec le plus grand plaisir. On regrette de ne pas avoir plus de choix dans les cépages mais avec son prix abordable, vous auriez bien raisin de vous laisser convaincre. [Read Full Review Here...]

Small Interview:

Added 09-02-2023

Stadia GamesDB! (stdb): First of all tell us something about Broken Arms Games?

Broken Arms Games (bag): Broken Arms games is a small videogame company based in Italy composed by 6 people, we work in the videogame industry since 2013 developing first mobile games for other companies then later one we started to create our own product.

stdb: And our second question, what can find the users of Stadia that plays "Hundred Days"?

bag: Hundred Days will put you in charge of managing a small and abandoned winery: from selecting the types of vine you want to grow, to naming your final product, every decision of the challenging business of winemaking will be in your hands. Take care of your vineyard, learn to follow the rhythm of the seasons, harvest, label your bottles and sell them on the market: every choice you make will have an impact on the quality and quantity of the wine you produce and sell. Increase the reputation of your company worldwide, expand your business and manage the tight schedule of your daily tasks. Each turn will represent a day in your new life: once your business is up and running, attention to details will be key to succeeding in your endeavours.

stdb: How many time are "Hundred Days" in development and how you came with the idea of a wine maker simulator? There's a lot of sims on the market but I didn't saw any of wine!

bag: The game is in development (not full time) since late 2018 but we completely focused on it during 2020 a little bit before the pandemic started. Broken Arms Games, as a studio, is based in the Italian region of Piedmont which is renowned for the production of world-famous wines such as Chardonnay, Nebbiolo and Barbera, just to name a few. The entire team is deeply connected with the cultural heritage of Piedmont (a winemaking region) and this makes the experience depicted in the game a truly realistic simulation. Hundred Days takes pride in offering the player a thorough experience: real data provided from local winemaking businesses have been used and implemented in the game, while even the in-game tools and machinery are modelled after the real ones. In 1990 Yves Hohler, lead designer and co-founder of Broken Arms Games, moved with his family from Switzerland to Italy to pursue the path of winemaking. Even if at the time he was only a child, this decision has shaped his existence ever since: he attended and graduated from the Oenological High School Umberto I (in Alba, Italy) to become an expert in the field. At the moment, besides being a professional in the video game industry, he is still continuing the winemaking family business.

stdb: What are the possibilities, if any, of making a game, and more i concret "Hundred Days", for the Cloud.

bag: When we think about cloud gaming we immediately think about accessability, the fact that non-player can get access to an amazing catalog and play with the hardware they already have it's incredible

stdb: How you come to the idea of bringing the game to the Stadia Platform?

bag: We have quite a mature target audience, being wine such a specific niche, we definitely think that Stadia can be an amazing platform for people that are not used to play and I can see people enjoying a Hundred Days playthrough while drinking on the sofa without any competitive stress around them.

stdb: With all this lockdown around the world. Have Stadia beneficiated the studio in some way?

bag: As studio we are part of the Stadia Makers program, so being able to have them following us along the way while trying to figure out a way to get our game on their platform has been an amazing support. They have an incredible team of passionate people that really care about games and teams behind them.

stdb: Now the game is nearly 3 months away from launch, have you be thinking in any new project, and can we see it coming to Stadia?

bag: We are super focused on launch right now and especially to all the work that will start after it, with new content that we need to prepare for the game. We thought about new project, we have some ideas but nothing concrete right now, what we know is that cloud gaming will be a priority for the company in the future.

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