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Get Packed

Moonshine Studios / Coatsink
Release date: 28-04-2022
Price: 19.99 €


#the Game:

Get Packed is a co-op party game about a calamitous removals company, full of physics-based carnage for up to four players.



#Review by RafaZnZ
Writted on: 01-01-2023

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#Review by contrailgaming 
Writted on: 03-06-2022

Get packed is not a perfect game, and if you are buying it to play solo I suggest you wait for a deal. Or grab it on Pro if it's available. With friends it is a coop blast, though not as good as something like Overcooked. Check out my video review for more!

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#Review by StadiaHoy 
Writted on: 15-06-2022

Get Packed con sus más y sus menos, es un juego que entretiene en su vertiente multijugador, pero que descuida su vertiente para un solo jugador. Si tienes previsto jugar con tus amigos, Get Packed sin duda es cuando transmite parte de su sinergia y es cuando disfrutaremos por completo del juego de Moonshine Studios.

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