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Pro | 01-09-2022 / 31-12-2022
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Online Multiplayer
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 1920x1080 (FHD)  60fps hdr


Dev Muse Games | Pub Curve Digital | Rel 21-05-2022 | Pri 19.99 €
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About the game

Embr is a frantic fire-fighting (un)Simulator set in a hyper-capitalist, deregulated alt-present where public firefighting funding has run dry, where venture capitalism and e-hailing rule the roost. The Embr Respondr is the last stand in a world ablaze.

Embr is an online co-op multiplayer game for up to four players, supporting player-hosted servers.

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Stoked4Good Review 

Date: 10-08-2022

Has potential.  Was missing enough for me to notcnot to the game in its early access phase.

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21-05-2022 14.99 € 28-05-2022 15.99 € 28-05-2022