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Death Carnival

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About the game

Death Carnival is a fast-paced top-down shooter with extreme weapons & online multiplayer mayhem. In a future world, broken by war, humanity endures in a few overcrowded cities. To escape their bleak reality, many turn to televised combat sports, the most popular being Death Carnival. In this deadly game show, contestants must battle against hordes of monsters and machines for fame and fortune on live TV.


  • Fast-paced, top-down combat
  • Story campaign with more than 30 levels
  • Unique storyline for each of the 10 playable characters
  • Cross-platform, 4-player online co-op and PVP
  • Customizable weapons and loot
  • Daily & weekly challenges, boss-raids and more gameplay modes, each with unique rewards

Small Interview

Interview added: 19-10-2022

STDB!: First of all let's start making some presentations. Can you tell us something about Furyion Games?

Furyion Games: Furyion Games is a small team of passionate gamers that set out to make the ultimate game that we want to play. We've been working on Death Carnival for more than 5 years now, both the scope of the game and the size of the team have grown since then. We come from a broad range of backgrounds, kind of like how our game is cross-genre.

STDB!: And what can expect players, the seasoned ones and the new ones, from Death Carnival when they purchase the game on the Stadia Store?

Furyion Games: All players can expect to just have lots of fun, whether they're casual or hardcore players. There's a full story campaign mode for singleplayer and online co-op, with a unique storyline for every different character you choose. There's online PvP as well, where you could go solo or join a squad to compete in tournaments. To keep things interesting, we also have endless modes, boss raids and weeklys.
At the heart of all that is our Weapon Socket System, where you gather components for your weapon, and customize it to suit your playstyle.

STDB!: Will the game expand with more campaigns or weapons?

Furyion Games: Yes, this title is planned to be a multi-year content title, with full plans for additional characters, weapons, rideables, story campaigns, game modes and lots more. We love getting feedback too, so a lot of our planned content is based off of what fans wanted.

STDB!: What supposed to both Furyion, as developer, and Death Carnival, as the game, be part of the Stadia Makers initiative from Google and Unity?

Furyion Games: We have very good support from both Unity and Stadia, when we run into any problem whatsoever, they each have a full support team to help us resolve it. So it's pretty awesome to have world-class support like that.

STDB!: I read on the Unity blog that Death Carnival is an "online mayhem" can we espect cross-play with the different platforms inside the game, or that "online" is only limited to Stadia users?

Furyion Games: Death Carnival will be fully crossplay and cross-account. Play online with any other platform for all game modes, whether it's keyboard, mouse, or controller. When you unlock something on one platform, you can continue your progress on another platform.

STDB!: Can we see with the game launch any Stadia exclusive feature like, Stream Connect...?

Furyion Games: We try to match the features available on all platforms, but Stadia does have some features which will set it apart from other platforms. So yes, can look forward to some really cool things on the Stadia!

STDB!: A lot of people is saying that one of the Stadias problem is that the platform is based on Linux (I don't think so) As developers have you encountered any difference developing the game from Windows, Mac or Linux/Stadia?

Furyion Games: Unity makes it easy when building to any platform, so most of the work is already done for us in that sense. There's always some learning required of course when dealing with any platform, but there's nothing that we had to build from scratch.

STDB!: Also after Death Carnival release, are you thinking on Stadia as a platform where put your next games?

Furyion Games: I think Stadia is a great platform to work with. I don't see the platform as something to have and nothing else. I see it as a platform that I would play on, in addition to other platforms. There are some gameplay elements for this game, and for other games that would absolutely make the most sense on Stadia. Looking forward to creating lots more games for the Stadia platform in the future!

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