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The Dark Side Detective

Spooky Doorway / Akupara Games
Release date: 08-04-2021
Price: 12.99 €


#the Game:

Where cultists crawl, where demons dwell, where the occult… occults? That’s where you’ll find Detective Francis McQueen, the lead (and only) detective of the criminally underfunded Darkside Division. When evil darkens the doorsteps of Twin Lakes City – hell, even when it just loiters around shop fronts or hangs out in shady alleyways – he’s there, ready to investigate the cases that nobody else will.

He is The Darkside Detective.

The Darkside Detective is a classic point-and-click adventure game with a distinct sense of humour. Season 1 consists of 9 bite-sized, standalone adventures each of which can be completed in one sitting.

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Game Last Update: 08-04-2021