Arc Raiders

Dev Embark Studios | Pub Embark Studios | Rel TBA | Free to Play

About the game

Prepare to enlist and resist ruthless mechanized threats descending from the skies in ARC Raiders, the first official game from Embark Studios.

Unveiled today at The Game Awards, ARC Raiders is a cooperative third-person PvE shooter where players must team up to resist the onslaught of ARC, fearless enemies that drop from orbit.

Defeating ARC requires more than simply pointing and shooting a gun, and more than one person trying to be a hero. It’s a game that both emphasizes and rewards teamwork at every turn.

  • Loot your fallen foes, and scavenge the ruins of the past for tools and gadgets to outsmart the enemy.
  • Do the unexpected and improvise, using physics and your surroundings to your advantage.
  • Come prepared and plan ahead, but remember that sometimes you just have to wing it.

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