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Developing video games is technically extremely challenging and an intensive creative team effort. The more important it is to have a great atmosphere with enough space around everyone to feel comfortable at work. At the same time short ways to communicate help tremendously to discuss and solve any issue within minutes instead of sitting in meetings dragging on forever.

This is why we took the chance to build the new studio facilities based on our experience of over 20 years of creative team work ourselves. We know that an open space working environment requires some discipline to keep the noise level low but turning around and have a look at each other’s screen is just priceless. Lastly, being able to open any window to let in even more air keeps our brains fresh through the whole day.

As you can see below, we put a lot of effort into our new facilities and we are super happy that we got a nice open space studio in one of the most popular residential areas of Hamburg. It is surrounded by trees and located in the backyard of a quiet dead-end street. Lots of shops, restaurants and public transportation are nearby and the car sharing situation is just perfect as many people coming home are parking their Car2go or DriveNow within 3 minutes walking distance from our studio.



Everspace: Stellar...

Release 01-12-2022