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Everything started in 2012 - Crunching Koalas was formed by 5 folks: a talented but completely inexperienced trio of indie developers and a duo of casual games industry veterans. After 2 years of development, MouseCraft was born. It wasn’t a huge sales hit, but was praised for its clever level design, exceptional cartoon graphics and intelligent gameplay. It was noticed by the media, received a solid Metacritic score, and later was a part of PS Plus instant game collection, a Humble Bundle event, and was one of the titles in the Indie Box collection. But it wasn’t enough - we couldn’t afford starting an entirely new project. Things had to change - some people left the studio, new were hired, it was time to change the direction.

With our PlayStation experience, we decided to start helping other indie developers in bringing their games to consoles. Our first porting project resulted in a very successful release of Sky Force Anniversary, on every possible console. We gained confidence, a small budget, and felt really good about our work, so we decided it’s time to go a bit further. Our business and marketing skills learned on MouseCraft, combined with the experience of working with publishers, allowed us to come up with a viable, fair and transparent publishing offer. That’s how we ported and released the console version of Lichtspeer. The game gained tons of publicity, and was well-received, so we didn’t had problems landing new projects. We released BUTCHER, worked on Oh... Sir! The Insult Simulator and brought Sky Force Reloaded to consoles. The team grew and got more experienced so we decided to go for bigger projects - we ported and published Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs for 3 platforms simultaneously, started working on getting Beat Cop and My Memory of Us to consoles, and finally - brought This War of Mine: Complete Edition to Nintendo Switch.

That’s the story of Crunching Koalas so far, but with the scope and quality of our current projects, we‘re pretty confident it’s not the end yet!

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