Bedtime Digital Games


Bedtime Digital Games started out as a student production just up to Christmas back in 2011. Back then, the name was not there, we were just a large group of students that had made a great game, which garnered a lot of attention from both local and international press.

That's why we decided to try to finish and release the game. Mostly by ironing out the major bugs and by creating more levels. Most of the production was done in weekends and a few crunch periods, all located in a freezing old warehouse on the harbor in Aalborg, Denmark. We even had a successful Kickstarter to fund the technical expenses. Sadly many of us didn’t have time to work on the game, due to other jobs, therefore finishing the game became a long trek.

These times also lead to a lot of game shows and conference, where Back to Bed got a good deal of nominations and wins. That was our turning point. Back to Bed was amongst the student showcase winner at IGF 2013 in San Francisco, and even though we didn’t take home the grand prize, we got a lot of attention, notably by a Danish investor, CAP NOVA, with a solid experience with games.

Two of our team members, Klaus and Jonas, saw this as a chance to take Back to Bed to a higher level and an opportunity to do a complete professional release and maybe even a bit more in the long run. Therefore, our team became smaller but more dedicated during the latter half of 2013, and by Christmas 2013 our company was born. A company that would not only finish Back to Bed, but get the investment to continue making games after the first release. The path of a true indie dev continues on!

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